Consumer unit changes

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The consumer unit or the fuse box serves as the electricity hub in your home, protecting you from various electrical hazards like burns, shocks, and even fire outbreaks due to power surge. Consumer units control and distribute power into individual circuits for multiple appliances, like heaters, induction cooktops, safety sensors, EV chargers, etc.

Faults in any one of these circuits can lead to power outages for the entire house, and repairing it is a significant hassle. At Superior Electrical Services, we specialise in consumer unit replacement Northampton, which protects all house appliances in the event of a power surge.

Consumer Changes

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    Consumer unit replacement in domestic premises

    With consumer units, there are several signs that you need to look out for to prevent the chances of mishaps, some of which are discussed below:

  • You need to take special care if your home is fitted with a plastic consumer unit. Consult our professional UK electrics as soon as you notice symptoms like thermal damage, burning smell, or a crackling sound from the CU.
  • Call a registered electrician for a thorough inspection if the power in your home is tripping. You might need to replace the RCD (Residual current device), which protects the CU from power surges and faults.
  • Make sure that there are no exposed cables. Also, examine the bus bar for any visible spaces and secure the cover tightly.
  • Consult a professional team like Superior Electrical Services to obtain an EICR and Landlord Certification once every 10 years for self-owned property and 5 years for rented property.
  • How often should a consumer unit be replaced?

    Ideally, fuse boxes and consumer units can last up to 30-40 years at a stretch. However, electrical faults severely cut down this life span, and you might need to consult an electrician for Consumer Unit Change Northampton once every 10 years, sometimes even much earlier.

    Why choose us for consumer unit replacement Northampton?

    In compliance with Wiring Regulations 18th Edition, we provide our customers with RCBO Consumer Unit Northampton. These devices come with both an MCB and an RCD unit for added protection and separate disconnection. With these installed, any faulty appliance will only disconnect one circuit, keeping the others operational.