EICR and Landlord Certification

Electrical fittings and appliances are prone to wear and tear, with their quality deteriorating over time due to factors like corrosion, physical damage, electrical overload, etc.

One of the best ways to ensure that all your electrical appliances and fittings are safe is to regularly conduct a thorough inspection. In the UK, a certified electrician must issue an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) once every 5 to 10 years, depending on the ownership.

At Superior Electrical Services, we ensure that your property is free from electrical hazards with our thorough inspection and testing services. All tests conducted by our experts are in accordance with the latest 18th Edition of the UK Wiring Regulations.If you need an EICR report Northampton for any property type, get in touch with our experts at the earliest.

Electric Vechile Charging Points

    What we offer

    To solidify our aim to be the best electrical services firm in Northampton, we work with our customers to provide prompt and efficient solutions for electrical testing. Be it for insurance, health, or safety purposes, our expert electricians conduct all the necessary tests and provide EICR report in Northampton highlighting all the repairs required on the property.

    Our services include:

    • Electrical Installation Condition Reports
    • Landlords Electrical Safety Testing
    • EV charging point testing
    • Homebuyer’s Electrical Report
    • Electrical Installation Inspection and Testing

    How often should electrical fittings be tested?

    According to the latest norms, appliances and fittings in a house should be tested every:

    • 10 years for self-owned houses
    • 5 years for rented property
    • Before a change of occupancy (selling or renting)

    Landlords also need to provide tenants with a Landlord’s Electrical Safety Certificate while renting out a property, or else, they could be held liable in case of electrical mishaps.

    Tenants can then present the EICR report in Northampton to their insurer for further proceedings.

    How we ensure the best electrical service Northampton?

    Our approach to testing and servicing electrical components can be summed up into two points, as discussed below:

  • Best-in-class diagnostic equipment
  • We decided to invest in the latest diagnostic equipment available in the market so that our expert electricians can focus on delivering only the best results in minimum turnaround time.

  • Sincerity and commitment to the job at hand
  • Top-notch tools alone cannot guarantee electrical tests with utmost precision. Hence, we have trained our experts in the latest wiring safety regulations to ensure that the ECIR report Northampton accurately highlights any underlying issue and prevents future mishaps.