Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

Superior Electrical Services helps add the finishing touches to your beautiful gardening project with top-notch garden lighting Northampton. Whether you are looking for additional security or wish to set the mood for a garden party or a night of skygazing, we have the perfect solution for you.

We are your one-stop destination for up-lighting, spread lighting, spotlighting, wall washing, step lighting, and much more. Our expert electricians can easily set up bollard lights, pedestal lights, wall lights, etc., with utmost care and safety, ensuring that no stray wires spoil the decor or cause tripping hazards.

    To know more about our services and get a quote, please give us a call.

    Revamp your home with garden lighting Northampton

    When it comes to lighting for garden landscaping Northampton, there’s no job too small or big. Whatever your requirements are, simply give our experts a call, and they will take care of the rest.

  • Themed entrance
  • By strategically highlighting the walkway, doors, and shrubs and trees, you can multiply the entrance appeal of your property tenfold. We will help you set up special lighting to guide your guests from the gate to your home and highlight particular regions along the way, like a swimming pool, swing, etc.

  • Perfect outdoor lighting for social events
  • You can easily transform your relaxing garden into the perfect place to host social gatherings to complement decking patios Northampton, improving outdoor space usability.

  • Security features
  • If your garden has certain uneven areas that can use a bit of light, opt for our services and take a stroll through the garden at night without any worry. Moreover, garden lighting Northampton also reduces the possibility of theft on your property.

    Note: On special orders, you can find lights with motion sensors and timers that add another security layer to your homes.